Sod Laying Service and Installation

Laying new sod to create a stunning lawn is both an art and a science, and at the Landscape Genie of Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale's premier lawn and sod laying service, our highly trained sod installation team has perfectedft lauderdale sod laying installation repair landscape genie both.

Call me, Jose at the Landscape Genie of Fort Lauderdale, for a free no-obligation quote. I will come to measure your property, examine its special needs, and take a preliminary soil sample to see what nutrients your soil needs.

I will advise you on the particular type of lawn we recommend for your property. The sod we use is of the very highest grade available and we offer a variety of different grasses and turf. Please check out our Fort Lauderdale Lawns and Grasses page for advice on which lawn is best for your property. 

ft lauderdale sod laying installation repair landscape genie From the time our sod laying team arrives at your property, we work quickly to ensure that the soil substrate is perfectly prepared to receive the new sod. We scarify the soil to let it breathe, take soil samples for analysis and fertilize the substrate according to the results of the soil analysis.

We check all surrounding buildings and walkways, ensuring adequate runoff and drainage for the new lawn.

The sod is expertly laid to ensure that a firm bond between the sod and the substrate is achieved. The sod is laid with careful consideration of the surrounding walkways and buildings, following gradients and curves to ensure visual and aesthetically beautiful lines.
Our sod laying team takes great care in their work, laying each piece by hand. When we have finished laying the sod, we water your new lawn, fertilize the sod, and carefully roll the new lawn to ensure that it will be perfectly level when we are through.
The finished product that we hand over to you, our client, never fails to please. A rich green lawn that is beautifully contoured and immaculately sculpted, immediately enhances the beauty and value of your property.

ft lauderdale sod laying installation repair landscape genie
Here at the Landscape Genie of Fort Lauderdale, we offer a very affordable service for the professional installation of new lawns at both commercial and residential properties. Due to the volume of sod we install, our prices form the various turf suppliers are superb, and our installation charges are very reasonable. 

For professional sod laying services in Ft Lauderdale, call me, Packet at the Landscape Genie of Fort Lauderdale for a free no obligation quote.

Please navigate our services and see why our customers rave about our lawn and garden services. You can read what they have to say in our Customer References page.

So if you are a home owner or business owner in Fort Lauderdale who  demands only the best in lawn care, call the professionals - call the Landscape Genie of Fort Lauderdale today!
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